Enclosure volumel
Volume must be between 0.01 l and 10000 l
Start temperature°C
Temperature must be between -70°C and +120°C
End temperature°C
End temperature must be at least 5°C higher than start temperature, max. 150°C
Duration to attain end temperaturemin
Process time must be between 5 min and 300 min
Max. differential pressure allowedmbar
Operating pressure must be between 50 mbar and 1000 mbar (default value will be 100 mbar)
Calculate airflow

Note: This is only a rough estimation.

If you need more information about:

  • peak pressure
  • average pressure
  • duration of average pressure
  • different process time
  • calculation for cooling down process
  • calculation for special requirements
  • special environmental conditions
  • different choice of vent products
  • pressure-time-diagram

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